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NIGHT RIDER is a convertible utility sling bag designed for street bicycle riders, made with the upmost dedication of craftsmanship, material selection, and design practicality.



When building the NIGHT RIDER sling bag, we applied the traditional leather craftsmanship that our workshop possesses, delivering quality details that can only be found in hand-made creations.





WOTANCRAFT designer Albert Yuan delivered a simple yet elegant design, which expands the interior dimensions of NIGHT RIDER sling bag by detaching the front leather fastening straps.



After expansion, the NIGHT RIDER can further accommodate additional items that may require storage during your journey, or store extra garments in case the weather condition changes.



The leather fastening straps remain stable through keeper slots, creating a casual urban style that is rarely found in full leather bags.





To stabilize the weight center of the bag during your ride, we have created a detachable auxiliary leather strap, specifically made into a thinner width to avoid pressuring the body.



Simply grab the auxiliary strap from under the arm, reach to the front of the shoulder strap, and buckle the auxiliary strap to the stud hardware on top of the shoulder strap.



Once the strap is mounted, the main shoulder strap and the auxiliary strap will fasten securely to the shoulder, so that when you lean over during the ride, the NIGHT RIDER will maintain a stable center of weight, and not slide across your body.



When you are not riding, the auxiliary strap can be buckled to the D ring on the other side of the NIGHT RIDER bag, to be used as a grab handle.





For the NIGHT RIDER sling bag, we've sourced an unique full grain hand processed Italian cowhide, with uneven wave patterns on leather surface.



The full-grain battle distressed cowhide straps preserves all the natural skin pores and creases of the beast, expressing the rugged nature of WOTANCRAFT's characteristic.



To accentuate the heart of the pitch black aesthetics, interior of the NIGHT RIDER is lined with burgundy red smooth velveteen, which gives off an unforgettable hand feeling that resonates with your tender desires.



Even the top segment of the shoulder strap is made of full-grain cowhide leather, with the bottom segment made of full cotton canvas, so that the parts that contact to your torso/rib area can remain flexible.



We use large D-ring hardware for fastening the shoulder strap, so that the leather securing strap can slide to different angles very smoothly, whether you carry the bag cross-shoulder or on one side of the shoulder. This way your shoulder strap will always be oriented correctly, without being bent or twisted.





A padded protective insert designed to perfectly fit the NIGHT RIDER sling bag, instantly turning the NIGHT RIDER into a shooter's bag.




expanded exterior (W x D x H): 35 x 15 x 18cm
expanded interior (W x D x H): 34 x 13 x 16cm
exterior zippered pocket (W x H): 22 x 12cm
interior zippered pocket (W x H): 20 x 12cm
interior phone pocket (W x H): 9 x 12cm
interior pen pocket (W x H): 4 x 12cm

weight: 1.13kg

vegetable tanned Italian cowhide leather
velveteen lining
high-strength metal hardware
bronze YKK Zippers with rustproof coating
high-density foam bottom padding (pockets only)

Package include:
main bag x1
detachable shoulder strap with leather shoulder pad x1
detachable leather auxiliary strap x1
cotton dustproof cover x1
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